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JapanTopTeam Rules

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Dear Members,

Welcome to the JapanTopTeam Forum. The main function of this community is to provide a pleasant environment for everyone to interact, and for you to tell us your opinions and suggestions about "computer chess". We hope you enjoy your time here debating, learning and making friends.

Seeking a better use of this forum, we created the rules below. They apply to all users, and it is your duty to know them and obey them. We also emphasize that the violation of these rules will result in the suspension of your access to the forum.

It is important that you check our rules frequently, because we can change them without notice when necessary.

If in doubt, consult a moderator.

● Affairs and prohibited actions

1) Use the forum to disseminate spam, chain letters, virus and hacker content;

2) Texts, images or videos with apology to drugs, violence, racism or discrimination will not be tolerated;

3) Discussions or links that private servers (pirates), malignant programs in general and ways to exploit bugs;

4) Post or link offensive, abusive, defamatory, illegal, racial, hateful, obscene or sexually explicit;

5) Every kind of abuse or form of disrespect to the moderators or members of this forum!, Including private messages.

6) Posts that disclose personal information of another member, without prior authorization. Are included (but not limited to) the classification of "personal information" the following data: photos, links to personal conversations through chat tools, private messages (example: the PMs own forum).

Note: JapanTopTeam! is not responsible for the content of links that take the user to pages not linked to the Forum.


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